Dick DeBartolo
June 14, 2024
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Dick DeBartolo

Join Jason Howell as he explores the world of "low-tech" through the eyes of MAD Magazine's Dick DeBartolo, a media legend and true gadget aficionado with a knack for finding humor in the strangest places.

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- How Dick DeBartolo keeps his humor and fascination with technology, even for mundane gadgets.

- Dick's early interest in technology and how it led to his work at Mad Magazine and game shows.

- The story of how Dick started appearing on TV shows like Metro Media's Saturday Morning Live.

- How Dick transitioned from TV to podcasting with Leo Laporte's TWiT network.

- Dick's favorite gadgets, including the Slingbox and the world's first digital camera.

- The nostalgia and ingenuity behind Dick's early 8mm films with sound effects.

- A memorable story about a private train ride with Mad Magazine's publisher.

- How technology has simplified video production and enabled remote appearances.

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