Fr. Robert Ballecer
July 05, 2024
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Fr. Robert Ballecer

Father Robert Ballecer, aka The Digital Jesuit, lives two lives: One as a dedicated Jesuit priest working at the Vatican in Rome, and the other as a lifelong tech nerd. Here he explains why those seemingly different aspects of his life are actually one and the same.

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  • Father Robert's experience living in Rome and contrasts with more tech-centric cities
  • Father Robert's role in the church and how it relates to his technology work
  • Father Robert's childhood interest in technology and parental support
  • Early experiences with dumpster diving for computer parts
  • Fixing and selling TRS-80 computers
  • Running a Bulletin Board System (BBS) as a youth
  • Selling refurbished floppy disks through a BBS
  • Early experiences with YouTube and content creation
  • Monetization of YouTube content and optimization techniques
  • Discussion of pre-iPod MP3 players and early consumer tech
  • Father Robert's experiences with hacking school computer systems
  • Phone phreaking and early hacking experiences
  • Father Robert's interest in The Expanse sci-fi series and its realistic technology
  • Discussion of fusion technology and energy conversion as potential future developments

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