Christina Warren
June 07, 2024
54:1052.22 MB

Christina Warren

Christina Warren joins Jason Howell to talk about how nostalgia for the early Internet and failed technology companies has permeated her life in tech. From developer advocacy at Microsoft and Github to working in the tech journalism trenches at Mashable, Christina has stayed passionate about the possibilities of tech and its limitations.

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  • Christina's experience of accidentally not hitting the "go live" button at the start of the interview, and the importance of redundancy in recording
  • Her early memories and passion for technology, sparked by video games, gadgets, and the internet in the 90s
  • Building her first website on GeoCities as a 12-year-old unpaid "community leader"
  • Her collectibles obsession, including shoes and merchandise from failed/infamous tech companies like Theranos, FTX, etc.
  • Reminiscing about the spectacular dot-com boom and bust, and companies like Webvan, that didn't survive
  • Discussing the decline of TiVo and how the DVR experience has arguably gotten worse over time
  • Her current role as a developer advocate at GitHub, and how to follow her work

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