Eddy Barker and the Birth of DSL
May 10, 2024
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Eddy Barker and the Birth of DSL

Jason Howell chats with Eddy Barker, an electrical engineer who grew up fascinated by science fiction television. That passion led him working with AT&T as he helped create DSL technology in the 1990's, paving the way for high-speed Internet in the homes of millions.

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  • How Eddy started his time at AT&T and if developing DSL was his first project
  • Eddy's early interest in communications technology like telephones, radio, and TV
  • The challenges AT&T faced with dial-up internet and long connection durations
  • How the idea of using existing telephone lines for DSL data came about
  • Validating the DSL concept and any resistance faced during development
  • The rise of companies like eBay, Amazon, and Napster enabled by DSL
  • Common challenges between DSL and modern fiber deployments
  • Eddy's vision for how technologies like the metaverse, AI, and high bandwidths will converge in the next decade
  • A piece of technology from Eddy's youth that shaped his love for the field

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