Megan Morrone
May 31, 2024
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Megan Morrone

From writing for late-90s dot com boom websites to catching her break on TechTV, to podcasting at TWiT and back to writing, Megan Morrone shares her insights on the promise and peril of AI, navigating social media, and the challenges of parenting in the digital age.

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  • Megan Morrone vs Megan Moroney.
  • Megan's time in the 90s at LookSmart and CitySearch.
  • Why TechTV was different.
  • Technology influences as a child.
  • Parenting in the digital age: Now vs. Then.
  • Megan's experience with social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Megan's thoughts on the promise and peril of AI and its impact on various aspects of life.
  • The tech that lets Megan down.
  • Megan's approach to tech cleanse and stepping away from technology.

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