Tom Merritt
May 03, 2024
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Tom Merritt

Long-time tech podcasters Jason Howell and Tom Merritt take a trip down memory lane, sharing their career origins and the pivotal moments that shaped their paths in the world of tech.

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  • Jason expressing appreciation for Tom as a collaborator and friend in the tech industry
  • "Sliding door" moments in the professional lives of Tom and Jason.
  • Tom's origin story of how he got into tech journalism at ZDTV/TechTV
  • The creation of the Buzz Out Loud podcast at CNET in 2005
  • The project preserving the Buzz Out Loud episodes
  • The importance of the community built around their shows
  • Seeing fans' lives progress over many years through their interactions
  • Some of Tom's fondest early Internet memories.
  • Tom's fanzine and early Internet websites including
  • Patron question: How Tom feels about his content being a part of generative AI databases.

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